Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, I work primarily from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Gestalt approach. Both are experiential therapies, and although I’m trained in a number of other modalities, I’ve found that these two approaches offer lasting change. Working from an experiential framework, I help clients connect to somatic awareness, locate inner resourcing, find tools for self-support, establish boundaries, express their agency, practice self-compassion, identify needs and how to meet them, locate inner knowing, bring more ease to decision-making, regulate their nervous systems, find resilience, and much more. 


What does it mean to work experientially? In sessions, rather than just talking about your challenges, we’ll invite and explore new experiences of change, in the here-and-now, integrating body awareness, self awareness, and emotion. Cognitive talk therapy introduces new neural pathways, and may be temporarily helpful by contradicting the stuck, problematic ones. But in my experience, and based on what I’ve learned about neuroscience, true lasting change occurs when we actually enter existing neural pathways and have experiences within those networks that reframe and reorganize them. The more I practice, the more I see that experiential therapy is this road to lasting change. 


My training in Gestalt emphasizes an appreciation of difference and your unique subjectivity, a non-judgmental curiosity, and a respect for you as the expert of your own experience. I work relationally, and I encourage exploring the relationship between you and me as part of the therapeutic process. I consider therapy a collaborative partnership, and how I hold space aligns with my training and personal anti-patriarchal, anti-oppressive, and non-hierarchical values.

Although I am trained to recognize mental health challenges by name, unless required for insurance claims and a client consents to it, I don’t diagnose or pathologize what I consider to be natural, adaptive human responses to hardship.


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“Sessions with Amick were a source of support in my life for years and she helped me guide myself through life-changing events and decisions, depression, grief, anxiety, and life with chronic pain. I would recommend Amick to anyone looking to explore themselves, make lasting change, and heal in a caring, compassionate, and loving space.”

Some of my interests and specializations in individual therapy include: